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I recently came upon an article on the Free Enterprise Forum website, that I thought you might find interesting. More specifically, the following excerpt from the Virginia Poverty Law Center:

Virginia currently allows localities to adopt inclusionary zoning programs under two different Code provisions.  A handful of jurisdictions (“the Counties of Albemarle and Loudoun, and the Cities of Alexandria and Fairfax,” as well as Arlington County), are authorized to adopt inclusionary zoning laws under Code § 15.2-2304.  While this provision requires localities to offer builders a “density bonus in return for developing moderately-priced housing, the statute otherwise provides ample flexibility for localities to tailor their inclusionary zoning programs to local needs and considerations.  A density bonus allows a developer to build more units on a site than would ordinarily be allowed, thus generating additional revenue that offsets the cost of keeping some units affordable.

What caught my eye was the fact Albemarle was mentioned in the company of Loudoun, Alexandria, Fairfax and Arlington County, which, to be honest, doesn’t give a warm and fuzzy feeling. I can still remember attending meetings of the Board of Supervisors 30 years ago, where there were plenty of signs with the words “Don’t Fairfax Albemarle” being waved. So, it would seem to me the question that has to be asked of our County leaders is, “what direction are you taking Albemarle”? Do they want to emulate Fairfax, Arlington and Loudoun County? Are they going to chase the golden ring on the Merry Go Round of growth or will Albemarle stay the course it started in 1975 to maintain the county as a rural county? Perhaps the upcoming elections will give us some indication, depending on the responses from those running for the Board of Supervisors. It’s not that I don’t realize these inclusion zones were put in place to encourage affordable housing, it’s the fact Crozet has been trying to support affordable housing in our community since 1993, with little or no support from the county that’s a bit bothering. At this point in time all we can do is to wait and carefully listen for evidence as to what direction the winds of growth will blow.

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