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About Crozet:

Welcome to About Crozet.  My name is Tom Loach and I have been a resident of Crozet since 1990.  As for my involvement with Crozet, I have served as the President of the Crozet Community Association for several years and was on the original Crozet Community Association Committee, which published the first Crozet Planning document in 1993.  This document was written in conjunction with the Albemarle County Planning Staff with significant community input as well as having as a consultant to Crozet, Professor Mark Schimmenti, from the UVA School of Architecture. I was among many of the residents of Crozet who took part in the first Crozet Master Plan published in 2004 and was a member of the Crozet Community Advisory Committee, which was charged with following the implementation of the Master Plan.  I was also appointed by Ann Malleck as a member of the County Planning Commission.  I am currently retired from the University of Virginia, where I worked in computer systems for both the University and the University Health System.  In addition, I have been a member of the Crozet Volunteer Fire Department for over 15 year and continue to serve.   

I started this blog site for several reasons.  First, it is my considered opinion that the situation in Albemarle County with regard to growth and development has been taken out of the hands of the public, turned over to the county planning staff, where its policies are all but rubber stamped by the Board of Supervisors.  I believe that our community has to do what it has always done and that is to make our collective voice heard.  Thus the primary reason for this blog.  I also wanted to provide a venue for the businesses in Crozet and provide an easy way to get information on the goods and services available.  I look forward to your feedback and recommendation as to how this blog can improve.