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The so called all CAC meeting to discuss the county’s AC44 plan for updating the Comprehensive Plan was, as expected, just another dog and pony show. The county used their usual method of divide and minimize, which is to say, instead of addressing AC44 with the entire CAC membership as well as a number of residents who logged into the zoom meeting, they broke the audience into groups, each discussing a separate AC44 topic. This of course meant that it would be impossible for anyone attending to hear all of the comments and concerns raised. I did make the suggestion that we take one topic at a time giving everyone a chance to hear all comments and concerns as a group, but you know that wasn’t going to happen. I chose to go to the group discussing the expansion of the growth area. The group discussion started with someone from the county giving an overview of the upcoming Comprehensive Plan Update and specifically the option to develop criteria for the expansion of the growth area. Following this, the moderator took comments from anyone who wished to make a statement or ask a question. There was a wide variety of input, as you can expect, and ranged from those who accepted growth area expansion as a given, to comments, like mine, who felt expansion was not acceptable. There were no votes taken, so there was no way to quantify the results of the discussion, which I’m sure was the way the county wanted it. That said, I believe the real votes that count will be those in November for the election for the Board of Supervisors.

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