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We should have seen it coming:

I just found out the Albemarle County Planning Commission in a 4 to 2 vote approved the rezoning of the “Montclair” development proposal. The first and most important factor to […]

It was just what you expect for Crozet

Last night’s candidate forum was packed wall to wall and once again the residents of Crozet responded to the call for civic responsibility. Despite a not so perfect sound system, […]

Why all the secrecy?

A small blurb from Sean Tubbs in his Community Engagement blog caught my eye this weekend. Titled “Regional Planning Body Met Today”, which outlined a meeting with representatives from Albemarle […]

The British Answer:

There was an interesting news piece on the PBS News Hour last night that dealt with the need for housing in Great Britain. When I first looked at the news […]

Another dog and pony show

The so called all CAC meeting to discuss the county’s AC44 plan for updating the Comprehensive Plan was, as expected, just another dog and pony show. The county used their […]

Looks like we’re not the only ones

I just took a look at the AC44 county survey and some of the results are very interesting. At least for me, the bulk of the questions were useless or […]

Oh what a night!

Last night’s CCAC meeting got things back to normal. A small crowd of 14 people showed up for the meeting, which is a shame because an amazing thing happened. Our […]

Time for an update

I know its been awhile since the subject has come up, but the issue of how our downtown develops, aside from regaining control of our own Community Advisory Committee(CCAC) is […]