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Several home owners from the Westlake Hills subdivision make a case why the Oak Bluff rezoning proposal should not be supported by the CCAC or approved by the County. Perhaps the most interesting objection, at least as I understood it, is the fact it appears the developer of Westlake Hills implied to prospective home buyers, that there was not the possibility of development of any significant scale due to environmental constrains of the adjacent property. This is especially true for the owners of the model homes first built in Westlake Hills, which are adjacent to the proposed development property. If true, this would not be the first time a proposed development ran into problems due to prior statements made by a developer. Chesterfield Landing on Rt 240, was facing a situation where a developer wanted to develop land adjacent to Chesterfield Landing and build a connector road through to Chesterfield Landing. Obviously, this did not play too well with the residents of Chesterfield Landing and thankfully their concerns were heard and no road connection ever was built. Other objections, which come up with every new development in Crozet were associated with the lack of infrastructure, more specifically, the lack of completion of the Eastern Connector. One clear problem was the obvious when you looked at the developers proposal, which was for 134 units, but only showed 98 units in the submitted development diagram. This issue will come before the CCAC at a later date for review.

On the some things never change side of the coin, Shawn Bird, who was part of the team that conducted the 2018 Crozet Community Survey compared the results from 2018 and those found in the current survey on AboutCrozet.com. It seems that not much has changed since 2018 as it pertains to growth and development in Crozet. Then as now residents want to continue the density of growth consistent with the current pattern at the lower end of the Residential Density range. Also consistent with the 2018 survey, the vast majority of the residents don’t want to see the expansion of the growth. In short, they want Crozet to be a small town in the country.

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