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This week I took time out to watch the Planning Commission meeting because on the agenda was a review of AC44, the county’s plan for updating the Comprehensive Plan. I watched the entire meeting and can let you know nothing good happened, at least not for Crozet. It would not have been so bad except for the fact Mr. Murray, the White Hall representative which includes Crozet, spoke in support of the development of the I64 interchange in Crozet. Mr. Murray, who I have found to be usually considerate in his opinions surprised me, if only for the fact the community of Crozet has fought tooth and nail for over 30 years to limit development along the Rt 250 corridor and maintain it’s scenic highway history. To be sure, there was no way the planning commissioners was not going to forward the recommendation to develop the Crozet interchange, but I haven’t felt so betrayed since Ann Mallek voted for the recent Crozet Master Plan update, which was opposed by an overwhelming number of the members of the CCAC. The commissioners also agreed to move forward with a recommendation to develop criteria for expansion of the growth area. At last night’s CCAC meeting I asked Ms. Mallek if the county does move forward with developing criteria for the expansion of our growth areas, will the Board of Supervisors discontinue the county’s Land Use tax program, which cost those of us in the growth areas 14 million dollars in additional taxes? While she said she would oppose the expansion of the growth area, but did not answer the question I asked regarding the board implementing criteria for expansion. Nor did she respond to my objection to the Board of Supervisors vote to approve a solar farm built on 650 acres in the rural area, a size that equates to one quarter of the size of the Crozet growth area. Either we are going to protect and preserve our rural area or we’re not and if we’re not going protect and preserve our rural area, I see no reason to pay additional taxes for a program that no longer works. To be sure the current administration and the current board are determined to continue expanding our county and from what I can see they’re not finding too much opposition including from our own representatives. Fairfax here we come!

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  1. Thank you Mr Loach for your attention. When we first moved here we got involved with the Crozet Community group, went to meetings where we felt we were being heard and felt positively about outcomes. We actually voted for Ann Mallek having met her and listened to her at meetings. She talks one game and then seems to vote with the majority rather than her constituents. Then the County totally disregarded everything residents said and voted the way they wanted:( So we got discouraged and have not gone to meetings since. I appreciate your trying to still keep people informed and we will try again in hopes that numbers will help:)

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