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I just received an email from Albemarle County regarding the upcoming Comprehensive Plan Update(AC44). What caught my eye was a new change in direction the county has taken. In the past, when you looked at AC44, what you saw were a series of “Options” that were under consideration. In the most recent email from the county the word “Option” is no longer used and what was once an Option is now a “Planning Toolkit”. Now I’m not sure what a Planning Toolkit is, but I can tell you it doesn’t sound good. Sorry, but I been watching the Planning Commission and Board of Supervisor meetings and I don’t remember seeing either of the bodies taking a vote on any of the “Options”. I believe what we have here is an out of control county government, where the will of the people means nothing. The first shot across the bow was the update of the Crozet Master Plan, where the county came into Crozet, trashed 15 years of work and came up with their own plan. They then railroaded their plan, with its new middle density zoning, which by the way never had a vote by either the Planning Commission or Board of Supervisors, and the board voted it into existence. The AC44 program is one that the community has to keep a very close eye on and should be on the agenda of the CCAC for further discussion.

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