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If you missed tonight’s meeting of the Crozet Community Advisory Committee, you missed an excellent presentation from Jennifer Whitaker discussing Crozet’s water supply, past, present, and future. The good news is we’re good to drink as much water as we want and flush to our heart’s content and we have the Rivanna Sewer and Water Authority to thank for it. They have poured millions of dollars into upgrading the Crozet water treatment plant with state of the art technology. As most of you know, Crozet gets its water from Beaver Creek, which even if it didn’t rain for a year we would have enough water for our community so we’re fairly drought safe. There was however a scary moment in the presentation when Ms. Whitaker started to discuss the increased capacity of the new treatment plant and the fact it could actually supply water for a whole lot more Crozetians in the future. The good news is the cost for all the upgrades being done in Crozet comes from the rate payers and not from tax revenues, which means the county can’t turn around, as they usually do, and inform the community we have to grow Crozet to pay back for all the money we put into Crozet. The other good news was the fact that if needed any extra capacity from Crozet could be sent back into the main system, so it’s not that the extra capacity would go to waste. The only downside of the entire presentation was the fact the Rivanna and Sewer Authority has little to do with improving stream quality other then providing some support for Stream Watch, which does the stream water testing. In the end if there was doubt in anyone’s mind about our water quality the fact when asked whether Ms. Whitaker prefers bottled water to tap water, she responded “tap water every time”, which is good enough for me.

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